Helical Staircases


The helix formation is an elegant alternative design to the standard staircase. The set of steps leads either upwards or downwards in a flowing arc. The design is not limited to a traditional circular or spiral staircase as it can be built in an oval shape.


Helix Staircase


Helical stairs also differ from spiral stairs as they do not require a central supporting pillar. This allows for the possibility of handrails on both side of the staircase. 

Often, the structural steel for these helical stairs are exposed and serve as a decorative element.

Commonly, the stairs are fabricated with two curved stringers with the treads attached between them. The lack of need for props or wall support allow the helix stairs to stand alone as a sculptural feature. Due to its shape, it is possible for two helical staircases to occupy the same vertical space thereby allowing multiple access points. Helical stairs are ideal for office spaces, retail, showrooms, residences or other public spaces as they serve a bold statement with minimal spatial impact.

Helical Staircase

 At Serett, we believe the helical staircase will always be an eye catching elegant feature and we love making helix staircases as much as we enjoy looking at them. Contact us today for an free estimate for a Helical Staircase Design and Installation.


Helix Staircase in progress build Serett NYC