Custom Metal Fabricaton

Since 1997, Serett Metalworks has been providing a variety of high-quality, unique custom metal fabrications. We take great pride in our fabrications, and it’s a process we take very seriously. At Serett we specialize in ornamental and architectural fabrications, typically on residential and commercial properties.

In its simplest form, metal fabrication can be defined as a process that transforms metal into finished products. A variety of quality metal parts are bended, cut, and assembled into large structures during the metal fabrication process. Our fabrications are mostly unique architectural metal works. This is because customers often need specific metal structures — with special requirements — for their business or home. Our clients and projects come to us from a diverse array of industries, whose applications and products include sheet metal, complex assemblies, staircases, hand railings, fixtures, and much more. While each project is different, our clients do have one thing in common: satisfaction. Serett Metalworks continually delivers exceptional results and service.

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Value Engineering

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Metal Fabrication & Installation



The fabrication process begins with an initial client consultation. Next, the idea or concept is turned into a shop or CAD drawing — which includes precise measurements — for a cohesive understanding between us, the client, the architects, and the engineers involved. We then do a cost analysis taking into account the materials, methods of fabrication, and project limitations. These factors are incorporated into the design and total budget

Value Engineering

Before we do drawings as part of the consultation process, we give our professional recommendation and find a way to make sure the materials, structure, and labor fits the client’s budget. This process is defined as value engineering. In the value engineering process, we strive create a better design to achieve the client’s desired solution using our cumulative metalworking experience— this usually brings the price down drastically. The cost for raw materials is usually only a fraction of the total fabrication price; the main cost is labor. However, by simplifying the designs and building methods, the overall cost can be greatly reduced.

Metal Fabrication

Metalworking and fabrication techniques are not the only important aspects of custom metal fabrication. It’s also important to know how other materials — the components and pieces — will interact with the metal itself (for structural and durability purposes). A great example of that is making a metal staircase that receives wood treads.The wood can expand and contract for, thus an improper connection results in the wood splitting or cracking. The materials commonly used in our projects are metals, copper, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. Typically our projects do have other components attached to them, such as glass, stone, or wood. We’ve done a great deal of custom metal fabrication work, including coffee tables, residential staircase and steel & glass office partitions, We’ve also manufactured small and large orders of simple metal brackets, complete pre-fab structures, and a custom four-story steel and glass wall standing 65 feet. We commonly fabricate using modular construction techniques —this means that projects are built in sections at our shop, and they are assembled and installed on-site. For the client, the end result is a beautiful product that is installed, insured, and guaranteed by Serett Metalworks.