We are pleased to announce that we are entering a joint-venture with LFW (Liberia Friendly Wood). LFW (Liberia Friendly Wood). The purpose of this venture is to attain protected West African Rainforest wood through legal and sustainable logging efforts. The wood attained will be shipped to the US and featured in Serett's wood applications. Together we will offer the most exquisite wood fabrications including staircase treads, tabletops, and cat-walks, using the West African rainforest hardwoods.

In a recent $150 million USD deal recently announced the Government of Norway is partnering with the Government of Liberia to halt the destruction of Liberia’s rainforest. The deal includes ways to end new logging contracts, more scope for forest-dependent communities to manage their forests, and increase protected forest areas.

As Liberia contends with a horrifying Ebola outbreak and a brutal civil war, this partnership will reduce incentives for Liberia to liquidate its forests for cash, and will help put the country’s shattered economy on a more sustainable path towards poverty reduction and environmental protection. The agreement is part of Norway’s plan to help cut carbon emissions globally through preventing deforestation in an effort to reduce the impacts of climate change.

LFW is passionately dedicated to a new era of sustainable forestry in Liberia, offering exotic african wood and high-end fair-trade wooden products. We are now taking pre-orders for Summer/Fall 2016.