+ How do i place an order?

Please contact us directly for any orders, inquiries or questions. You can reach us via email at contact@serett.com or via phone at +1-718-522-2905.

+ Is my project a custom made project?

At Serett Metalworks we take pride in considering every item we manufacture a custom made object. Truth to be told any project that has an original design or needs adjusted dimensions could be considered a custom made project. So yes, most probably your project, needs our custom made expertise.

+ Can I afford a custom made item?

Affordability is a relative term and needs to be applied in conjunction with project circumstances. Any process of manufacturing involves materials and labor; each one of them has a certain cost.If your budget is realistic and could meet at least the costs, then definitvely you can afford a custom made project. If your budget is unrealistic, then we will be honest and tell you so.

+ How can I pay for my order?

We accept, as methods of payment, certified checks, cash or credit cards. We process the credit cards with Square, which is a secure and reliable service.

+ What is your typical workflow?

Open Square Woodworking offers to each and every client a transparent and real work flow. We conduct our discussions via phone, email or face to face (without being bounded to face to face meetings). Our design team can help you finalize your design or can produce technical drawings using your inspiration photo or rendering. All projects have a signed contract which clearly stipulates both parties obligations and expectations. The contract is submitted in advance and is open to alterations. We do not charge for quotes, but site visits are subject to a fee, which under certain conditions might be waived. We do not offer sketches or designs for free. Samples are usually bounded to a signed contract, but could be provided otherwise for a certain fee.

+ Can I change my mind about an order: cancel, ask for a refund or do a return?

We do understand it is a great commitment to invest your money in a custom made project. This is why we are flexible about our contracts. Any order can be canceled up until the first payment (the deposit) is received (even if the contract was signed) since the actual starting date of any contract is considered to be the date when the deposit was validated. After the deposit is received, the order cannot be, under any circumstances, canceled or the deposit refunded. Your project is tailored upon your request, so no returns can be accepted.

+ How do we deal with manufacturing defects?

A custom made item is made solely upon your design and specification so you can imagine how challenging the production part is. Our work quality passes any available standards out there and we always keep in touch during a project, but sometimes defects might appear. But we stand by our products and will gladly assist with any manufacturing defects our products might have. Please note that a manufacturing defect does not entitle you to a cash refund, but should expect our company to do everything to bring the product to industry standards for safety and appearance. We offer a 1 year limited warranty for residential products and no warranty for commercial projects, and any misusage of our products will not be covered by our warranty or entitled to free maintenance. Upon request, we can setup a paid warranty which could cover future damages and costs of repair associated with it. Please note that manufacturing defects will be repaired within the most appropriate time frame for our company, without rush and only upon receiving a written request from you

+ How long will the order take to complete?

Open Square Woodworking offers a realistic and fast lead time. Depending on the order size and project detailing, under regular circumstances your custom made furniture item can be done between 6-12 weeks. We also offer the possibility of paying a rush fee, if you project is extremely urgent.

+ Where do we ship?

Open Square Woodworking is shipping world wide, where our company meets the legal requirements. We can offer white-glove delivery services for a certain fee or standard delivery.

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