Artistic Blacksmith Staircase

CLIENT: Preserve24
LOCATION:  Manhattan, NY
DESIGN:  Blacksmith Staircase with glass sidewalk

For the realization of this Lower East Side restaurant and bar with a concept based on an epic journey Serett was asked to fabricate the sculptural staircase and landings with the idea of it being built out of salvaged items. For structural reasons we produced everything new and using several different antiqueing techniques. The metal hand rails we used real rivets to assemble them. the glass sidewalk sections are new, with purposely placed broken sections of glass. The lower section of the staircase. is CNC cut and rust petina applied. The only salvaged item on the staircase is the cast iron mule post at the bottom of the stairs.


The challenge with this project was to deform the staircase while steel maintaining NYC DOB building codes.