Serett Metalworks

A Custom Metal Fabrication Shop Located in Brooklyn, NYC


Serett Metalworks is a custom metal fabrication shop that does metal working based in Brooklyn, NYC. Serett offers designing and consultation for a wide spectrum of projects ranging from one-of-a-kind custom metal fabrications to small production runs with unique, handcrafted solutions. We specialize in ornamental and architectural fabrication, allowing us to collaborate with leading architects, interior designers, homeowners, contractors, and artists. We begin the process with an initial consultation, tailoring projects to suit aesthetic and budget requirements, followed by shop drawings, fabrication and finally, installation. 


Custom Metal Fabrication

In its simplest form, metal fabrication can be defined as the process involved in the transformation of metal into finished products. This process involves many complex methods such as casting, molding, machining, welding, etc. A variety of metal materials are bent, cut and assembled into various objects and structures in this process. Read More.